Fresh start for your new journey

A two-bedroom apartment with a total area of 70m² can be a fresh start for newlyweds. The modern look is topped with some hints of playful green that unmutes the whole room while keeping it humble. The flexible and multifunctional use of space makes this layout perfect for young adventurous couples.

Perfect place for having quality time

The living room consist of simple white and natural coloured furniture to create a comfortable space for chatting or spending quality time together. To save space, wall shelves are implemented to display decorations or even work as extra storage.

Make a dinner for two

Newlyweds usually love doing activities together, including cooking. The kitchen and dining area is made to be intimate. The dining area is also featuring a couch for a more comfortable dining with your partner.

Make the bathroom more organised

With a storage space, all bathroom necessities can be more organised and neatly stored. Adding storage in the bathroom helps us organise and group our needs according to their function, making it easier for us to find them, especially at rush hour.

Make time for pastimes

The leftover space can be used as a hobby room or a workspace. By using some high glass cabinet, it will make the room more colourful while also having more space to use.

A minimalist and comfortable bedroom

The minimalist bedroom is perfect for an established couple who are mature and comfortable around each other. The bedroom has wall shelves to display decorations or as an extra storage.

Our interior designers are here to help

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