Four ways to set the right mood with LED lights

We all know that they’re small, long-lasting and energy-saving. But when it comes to ambience, LED lighting is often overlooked. Here are some tips that do as much for function as they do for atmosphere.
Big room with kitchen, dining area and living room only marginally separated. Room lit with multiple light sources.
Space outside a bedroom where an LED lighting strip softly lights up the floor from underneath a picture ledge.
A soft light to lead the way
A down-facing, hidden LED strip adds just the right amount of comforting light and offers a guiding glow for night-time hall dwellers. (Follow the link to see where this shark ends up.)

A good night’s sleep with children in the family
The power of many
Placing several lamps together lights up the room in more ways than one. Grouping is an easy way to achieve a decorative effect, especially if the light and shapes connect in some way (here the yellow light, grey glass and curved lines).
Night-time exterior of balcony door with shutters, surrounded by various plants, lighting chain and LED lamp.
Mix in a dash of green and fresh air
There’s just something about lighting up the night just outside your home. In a garden, on a balcony or simply by a window work equally well. If you can, include some plants in the setting (both make the other look even better).
Back to basics, but with a twist
Finding new ways to set the mood is good, but sometimes you just want to go with what you know: tea lights, candles, kerosene lamps. And since they all come in LED versions, you can have the best of both worlds – fireproof, flickering flames.
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