Flexible comfortable safe space for everyone

This family lives in a house which has an open plan area as the center of the home. They need dynamic and flexible space; functional and comfortable living room, dedicated open space for the children to play, and convenient work-at-home solution.

The current home layout has too many openings. The existing sofa in the living room is too small, so the family members can’t share the space together. Working area facing to the main circulation, as a result the father experience some disturbance and lack of privacy while working. More importantly not enough space to play for all the children.

Comfortable multifunction open space area

We want to create a living area dedicated to get together with their big family and friends. To support that, we use modular sofa for family seating with removable and machine washable cover that is very easy to clean. We use matching footstool for more seating space that can be move anywhere when needed, with storage inside and organizer box as extra storage. Above the sofa and on the wall, we hang the floor cushions as additional seating on the floor. For the table, we use a light and easy to carry side table for flexibility if needed to be moved around.

Secluded room-within-a-room working area

Since the pandemic, the father is working from home. He needs a convenient and organised working space. We use office standard shelving unit as storage and room divider, to store family books. Children books stored on the lower shelves for easier access, organiser boxes to store small things. There is a metal part to attached magnet as pin board for workspace, and the shelves are adjustable to customise storage needs. For the chair, we use office standard durable swivel chair with adjustable headrest, lumbar support, seat height and depth to fit any body height and shape for an ergonomic and healthy working posture.

Multifunctional growing space for children

For the children’s play area, we want to create a dedicated open-space which is multifunctional and safe for them to play. Using children table and chair that can be put indoor or outdoor, for many different children activities. Lightweight and easy to move, made from durable and safe materials. To store their toys, we use a flexible storage combination with boxes for easier to organise, tidying-up, and categorise. The boxes are easy to slide out, carry, and put back again so the children can do it by themselves. For a more comfortable and safe floor playing, use a foldable gym mat which can be fold when not in use.