An elegant home with a young and fresh look

This elegant but humble space belongs to a couple with their teenagers. A space to express who they are is important for teenagers in finding their identities. Mixed the model style with some pop-up colour to give a young and fresh looks.

Liven up your living room with a splash of colour

Give your living room a splash of colour can be the highlight of your home. Choose a comfortable sofa with a striking bright colour to be the center of attention in the room.

A more functional hallway

Hallway space is often used only as a passing place. But we can elevated our hallway by choosing a seat with integrated storage so there will be no dead areas. Add a few cushions and you’ve got a comfortable place to sit or wait for other members of the family to get ready.

Combine a bit of retro vibes and modern look

The kitchen and dining area is one of the favourite gathering places at home. We can highlight the room by giving it some vibrant colour to give a bit of retro vibes and modern look, one of the way is to choose a transparent chair with a vibrant colour.

Get creative with colour and material

A bathroom that is too white can sometimes be dull. You can boost your bathroom by choosing colours to be combined. You can pick half colours or material for an accent and repeat it throughout your bathroom.

Comfortable for sleeping and working

Relaxing and working in the same place is becoming commonplace now. A few tips for creating a workspace in the bedroom, put your desk toward a wall or window and use a comfortable and ergonomic work chair. With this placement, you can work more focus without distractions.

A space to be yourself

Bedroom is a favourite private room for almost all teenagers. The room can be more pleasant if given a touch of personality by the owner. Use your collection as a display, such as a beach hat that can be a beautiful wall decoration.

A playful shared-bedroom for kids

2 kids sleeping together can be a challenge. By having a bunk bed, you can save a few square meters of floor area needed for play and other activities.

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