Efficient laundry activities during the rainy season with the right equipment and organization

The rainy season often brings its challenges, especially when it comes to household activities like doing laundry. Laundry can become a more complicated and time-consuming task when the weather is not supportive. To make laundry activities more effective, it's important to have the right equipment and organization. In this article, we will discuss how to make laundry activities efficient during the rainy season by utilizing functional and aesthetic IKEA products.

Assemble storage racks for the laundry room

A key step in enhancing the efficiency of laundry activities is having good storage space. IKEA offers various Open shelfs and storage cabinets that can be tailored to your needs. In rainy season situations, these storage racks help you keep the laundry room clean and organized. One option you can use is the OMAR Shelf Unit from IKEA.

Laundry-specific baskets and storage bags

To avoid scattered clothes around the laundry area, IKEA’s laundry-specific Dirty clothes basket and storage bags are smart choices. They help collect dirty laundry neatly and make the washing process more organized. Utilize the TORKIS Laundry basket and FRAKTA Bag to perfect your laundry activities.

Folding clothes rack for limited space

If your laundry space is limited, choosing a Folding clothes rack is a smart choice. IKEA offers space-saving yet effective solutions for drying clothes, even indoors. This is especially helpful during the rainy season when outdoor drying becomes difficult. The MULIG Drying rack is one of the best choices for you.

Cabinet for storing laundry equipment

To store equipment like detergents, fabric softeners, and brushes, having an organized storage cabinet is essential. IKEA has various storage cabinet options that can be customized according to your needs. You can utilize the BROR shelving unit, for example.

Folding table for ironing

Ironing often becomes a disliked chore, but having a dedicated folding table for ironing in the laundry room can make it easier. IKEA offers folding tables that can be used as needed and then folded back to save space. Start using the NORBERG Wall-mounted drop-leaf table to simplify your activities.

Lighting options for the laundry room

Considering the dark and cloudy weather during the rainy season, good lighting is essential for effective laundry work. IKEA has a variety of lighting options that can enhance the lighting in your laundry room. The TERTIAL work lamp will make lighting in your laundry room even more perfect.

Non-slip carpets in wet areas

To prevent accidents in possibly wet laundry areas, choose non-slip carpets in wet areas like in front of the washing machine or sink. IKEA has various carpet options that can help maintain safety. Use the DOPPA shower mat to protect yourself and your family during activities.

By using functional and aesthetic products from IKEA, you can optimize your laundry space to be more effective and efficient, especially during the rainy season. With the right equipment and organization, laundry activities no longer have to be a burden but can become an enjoyable part of creating a clean and orderly home environment.

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