Dwelling place that accommodates all activities

Planning to live with relatives or friends? This 69m2 two-bedroom apartment design idea might provide a solution. Using the right storage furniture, this apartment provides privacy for everyone while also giving sharing spaces for socializing.

A comfortable social space

The living room in this apartment is a comfortable socializing area with roommates - watching movies together or chatting about daily activities. Use monotone and one key color to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in the living room.

Dine together with roommates

The dining room is also a great place to socialize. Make the most of limited space by using a combination of bench and chairs to create to create a comfortable and friendly dining area.

An organised bathroom for everyone

The bathroom in this apartment has simple but functional storage, ensuring that each occupant has their own space for their toiletries.

Small but comfortable

A limited-space bedroom can still feel comfortable if we use space wisely. You can use a folding table as a desk to save space. For storage, wall shelves are perfect for a limited-space bedroom.

Smart use of leftover space

The leftover space in this apartment is used as storage space. Wall storage is a smart solution for creating storage space in a limited space.

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