5 easy ideas to decorate a limited-space bedroom

After a hectic day, a cosy bedroom allows you to relax well. It's okay if you have a small bedroom. There are several ideas to make a small bedroom feel more comfortable, like using multifunctional furniture to save space.

Having a small bedroom doesn't mean you can't be creative. Here are 5 ideas to decorate a small bedroom that you can try.

How to decorate a small bedroom

1. Choose the furniture you need

Before knowing more about how to decorate a small bedroom, you need to sort out what furniture is needed for your bedroom. Because every inch of space is precious, avoid buying furniture that is not really needed in the bedroom.

For choosing the furniture, make sure you adjust it to the size of the room. If your room is small, use a bed without a headboard to save space. For wardrobes, wardrobes with sliding doors or open wardrobes are recommended since they do not require more space to open or close the doors.

2. Use multifunctional furniture

Having multifunctional furniture allows you to maximize your room's space. A bed with storage is an example of versatile furniture you may utilize. You can use this storage area to save your belongings so you won't need to purchase an additional wardrobe. Multifunctional furniture not only helps you save more room but also money.

A sofa bed can also be a smart idea to decorate a small bedroom for those of you who live in studio apartments or boarding houses. In addition to use it as a comfy bed at night, you can also use it as a sofa during the day to read a book or chat with your guests.

3. Utilize the wall space

Utilizing the wall space is the next easy method for decorating a bedroom. Use wall shelving and hooks to maximize space savings. Wall storage gives you space to store things without having to add cabinets which take up additional space.

Aside from being a storage option, wall shelves and hooks can also be used to decorate your walls. IKEA has a huge selection of wall shelves in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, allowing you to match them to the style of your bedroom. You may also use modular wall shelves to design your bedroom. Modular wall shelves are wall shelves that may be customized to offer unique storage solutions.

4. Add a mirror

The mirror not only allows you to check your look before leaving, but it can also be used to embellish a modest bedroom. Installing a mirror in a small area will provide the illusion of a larger space. Place a full-length mirror on one side of the room.

5. Add an air purifier

The last step in decorating a small bedroom is to add an air purifier. Unless your room has windows for air exchange, air circulation tends to be less good in a small space. You can purchase an air purifier if your bedroom lacks windows for air exchange. By removing pollutants, dust, and smoke, air purifiers help to enhance the quality of the air at home.

We need a bedroom that not only looks beautiful but also healthy. That’s why adding an air purifier is recommended. For small bedroom, IKEA FÖRNUFTIG air purifier is perfect. You can either hang the FÖRNUFTIG air purifier vertically or horizontally on the wall or place it on the floor using a floor stand.

Those are some ideas to decorate a small bedroom that you can try at home. Even with a small space, you may still create a beautiful and cosy bedroom. Having a comfortable bedroom allows you to rest optimally. For you who are planning to decorate your bedroom, enjoy special discounts on selected IKEA furniture during the 11.11 promo period.