Creative Educational Games for Toddlers: Play While Sharpening the Mind

In the course of children's development, especially at the age of 1-4 years, creative play plays a very important role. Children at this age are curious explorers of the world, and they learn in the most natural way through play. In this article, we will discuss creative play that can support the development of toddlers, especially 2-year-olds. We hope that you, as parents, get more information on how to play smarter with your children by using creative and educational products from IKEA.

When is the right time to start creative play with 2-year-olds?

It is essential to understand when is the right time to start creative play with 2-year-olds. Children begin to show greater interest in interacting with their surroundings at this age. They have achieved developmental milestones such as walking and speaking using simple words/sentences. Therefore, two years old is an ideal time to introduce creative play to help them sharpen their minds.
Children aged two years have better motor skills than when they were babies. They can hold objects better, combine simple things, and begin to develop their imagination. This is why starting creative play with them is an excellent time. Playing with 2-year-olds also allows you to build a solid emotional bond with them while helping them learn about the world around them.

Educational game ideas for preschool-age children

When choosing creative games for 2-year-olds, it is essential to consider the educational aspect. Innovative and educational games can help children develop their motor, cognitive, social, and language skills. Here are some educational game ideas suitable for preschool-age children:

1. Playing puzzles
Puzzles are a fantastic way to hone your child's problem-solving skills. Choose puzzles with exciting shapes that are appropriate for your child's age. IKEA provides a wide selection of puzzles suitable for children as young as two, such as the UPPSTÅ toy hammer block, UPPSTÅ stackable cup toy, and UPPSTÅ shape sorting toy. Invite them to play and help them patiently stack, arrange, or match the pieces.
2. Coloring activities
Coloring activities are a great way to develop your child's creativity and hand-eye coordination. IKEA has a wide range of high-quality stationery and paper suitable for children, such as the MALA range of crayons, colored pencils, painting paper rollers, and more, which have been tested to be safe for children. This activity will help them develop fine motor skills while showing self-expression through artistic scribbles.
3. Role-Playing
Role-playing is a great way to encourage your child's imagination. Use IKEA furniture, such as small tables and chairs or toy houses, to create an environment that supports this play. Let your child play the role of a doctor using IKEA BARKBORRE products or become a little chef using IKEA SPISIG toy kitchen products, and let their imagination take over.
4. Playing with soft toys
Puppet play is an activity that supports two-year-old development in many different aspects. For example, the JÄTTELIK collection allows children to use their imagination to create stories and roles involving these adorable dinosaur soft toys, which will help develop creativity. In addition, playing with soft toys can also help develop gross motor skills such as throwing, rolling, or kicking these SPARKA balls. Activities that involve large movements such as arms and legs. This helps children develop their gross motor skills, essential for coordinating their body movements.

Why are IKEA educational toys the right choice?

When you're looking for creative play for preschoolers, IKEA is the perfect place to start your search. IKEA offers a range of products suitable for children aged 1-4 years, including the educational games mentioned above. In addition, IKEA also has a range of furniture that can help you create a supportive environment for your children's creative play. With quality products from IKEA, you can be sure that your kids will enjoy their play while sharpening their minds. Plus, child safety is always our priority as our toy products are rigorously tested, so you can be assured of your child's comfort and safety in play.

So, no matter what you're looking for to support your preschooler's development, IKEA has plenty of options for you. Make playtime with your children more meaningful with IKEA's innovative and educational products. In this crucial stage of development for children aged 1-4 years, creative educational play can be a very effective tool. Choose games wisely, make playtime a fun learning experience, and utilize IKEA products to support your children's developmental journey. By doing so, you can ensure that they grow up to be smart and creative individuals, ready to face the world with confidence.
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