Do not disturb: creating privacy in a shared bedroom

While social time is a big part of what makes a family a unit, all members of a multigenerational household need privacy, too. It isn’t straightforward with shared bedrooms, but clever use of storage, home furnishing solutions and room dividers help balance out together time with much-needed solo endeavours.

Two styles, one room

Teenage siblings may be two peas in a pod, but with developing tastes and interests, it’s important to make room for individual styles within a shared bedroom. The answer? A curtain divider that forms separate areas for organising and decorating in two totally unique ways. Pull it back when it’s time to chat!

Organised chaos

Step number one is configuring the space. Step number two? Keep it tidy and organised with rolling clothes rails, wall storage and units that slide under the beds. Finish with graphic bedding, cushions and a mirror, of course!

A bedroom for time together or alone

What can be done when an early bird and a night owl share a bedroom? Be flexible, we say. A decorative, folding room divider will easily shift around to create a secluded area for midnight reading. Problem solved.

Grab fresh air on the balcony

When all else fails, the bedroom balcony may offer a few moments of peace from the hustle and bustle of home. A compact table and chair, a few plants and a glass of something nice are the only requirements.

A stylish bathroom for sharing

Sharing a bathroom comes with challenges, but none that can’t be solved with the right storage and a beautiful, pared-back palette of materials. With a two-drawer basin unit, towel hooks side-by-side and a bamboo chair that serves as storage for textiles and toiletries, it’s as good as sorted.

Take simple momentss

Tranquillity in a large household can be as simple as a perch by the window. Make sure that a KYRRE stool isn’t far away, then enjoy some quiet time in a favourite spot after the morning rush is done.

Find time alone, together

The bedroom can be a grown-up sanctuary. Starting with an upholstered bed draped in sumptuous blankets and cushions, finish it with moody lighting, including a dimmable LED lamp with wireless charging so everything is right there.
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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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