Creating a minimalist family room on a budget

For those starting a family, having a cozy minimalist living space is undoubtedly a dream. The family room becomes a favourite spot for relaxation and quality time with your small family. Designing and creating a family room with a warm, comfortable, and enjoyable atmosphere is crucial. No need to worry about digging deep into your pockets, here are some tips for creating a minimalist family room on a budget.

Utilize the IKEA family loyalty program

Begin crafting your dream family room with thoughtful interior design planning. Register yourself as an IKEA Family member and access various special offers, including free interior design consultation services. By leveraging this program, you can discuss family room interior designs that align with your style and budget with our professional team for one hour. Through this consultation session, you can obtain well-thought-out plans for creating your desired family room.

Complete with the affordable BILLESHOLM IKEA sofa

The benefits don't stop at just the IKEA Family Loyalty Program. You can enjoy additional advantages by purchasing a sofa from IKEA for your dream family room. Priced at just one million, the BILLESHOLM IKEA sofa is ready to adorn your family room.
BILLESHOLM IKEA is a two-seater sofa priced at one million from IKEA, featuring a minimalist design that complements a minimalist family room concept. Made from quality polyester material, the BILLESHOLM IKEA sofa provides warmth and comfort when seated, along with high durability.

It's minimalist design also makes it easy to lift and move when cleaning or rearranging the family room. Available in two colour options, light cream and grey, you can choose according to your preference.

If you're considering buying the BILLESHOLM sofa or any other IKEA sofa, now is the right time because you can save up to millions of rupiah during the IKEA SALE period. By enjoying special discounts during IKEA SALE, you can certainly save more budget to create your dream family room. To view all sofa options at special prices during IKEA SALE, please click here!

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