Create a healthier home with these sanitation kits

Home is the safest place on earth, but is your home completely clean and free of bacteria and virus? To be safer while doing home activities, it's good to prepare these sanitation kits.

1. Soap dispenser

Make a good daily habit to wash hands for at least 20 seconds by placing a soap dispenser near your wash basin. Not only before eating, you should also wash hands after you hold other things such as money, smartphone to door handles. Make sure to use an antibacteria hand soap.
You can turn the hand washing routine into an enjoyable activity by choosing a different soap dispenser that you like. We have a wide range of soap dispensers, from plastic material, wood material to glass material to suit your bathroom style.

2. Antiseptic dispenser

Besides hand soap, antiseptic also needs to be provided at home. Different from disinfectant that is only to be used on your stuff, antiseptic is safer for your skin. You can use antiseptic to wash your hands, clean your wound, or pour it into the water in the bathtub.
Use a soap dispenser as an antiseptic dispenser and keep it out of reach of children. A pump dispenser does not spill easily and makes it easy for you to use antiseptic when needed. You can also install a soap dispenser holder on the wall and place it near the entrance door so that your family who just got home can immediately clean their hands first.

3. Hand sanitizer dispenser

Washing hands with soap is highly recommended to prevent the spread of the disease, but if you are too busy or are traveling so you cannot wash your hands, hand sanitizer can be an alternative solution. Use a small pump bottle as a hand sanitizer dispenser that is easy to carry when you have to go outside. Make sure you use hand sanitizer before eating or when you want to touch your face and after holding things that are used by many people such as door handles, handrail, or money.

4. Antiseptic or disinfectant sprays

When you still have to go to work or shop for daily necessities, you will not realize if viruses and bacteria cling to your hands or clothes. Don't let these viruses come into your home. Use an antiseptic spray to eradicate viruses and bacteria that cling to your clothes and shoes before entering your home. 

You can also make a spray bottle as a disinfectant spray to clean your furniture so that it is completely clean from viruses and bacteria. You can spray disinfectant liquid on door handles, handrail, sills to furniture in your home. But remember spraying disinfectant directly on human bodies is not recommended as it can harm the skin, eyes and mouth.

Next tips to keep your home free of viruses

1. Wash vegetables and fruits before cooking or consuming
Not only washing our hands, we also need to make sure our food that will be cooked or stored in the refrigerator have also been washed clean. This is important so that the vegetables and fruits that you consume are free from bacteria and pesticides. Just wash them with clean water then drain them with a colander.
2. Soak your dirty clothes with detergent and warm water
When you just get home, make sure you take a shower immediately and soak your clothes with detergent and warm water to kill the bacteria and viruses. You can also add antiseptic liquids as an extra prevention.
3. Dry your mattresses, carpets and pillows in the morning or afternoon
Sunlight helps kill bacteria and viruses. Dry your mattresses, carpets, blankets and pillows in the morning or afternoon to ensure your home and family are safe from bacteria and viruses. Also use this moment to sunbathe as a way to strengthen your body's immunity.
Besides maintaining your personal hygiene by providing hand soap and antiseptic at home, consuming nutritious food and doing social distancing also help you and your family avoid the Covid-19 virus. And the most important thing is to make sure to wear a mask when you are sick so that it does not spread to others.

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