Condominium design for big family

The floor plan of this three bedroom condominium is for a big family with two kids and one baby. Each room is neatly and comfortably arranged to meet everyone's needs.

An area to say hello or goodbye

The hallway works as a transition area when you want to go outside or just come home. There's furniture to help you and your family prepare before leaving the house – a shoe cabinet and mirror to check your overall look.

A clean-designed kitchen with many conveniences

A kitchen with bright colours looks clean and tidy. Equipped with features and accessories that ensure your kitchen activity is more efficient and fun because everything is within reach.

A warm and serene bedroom

The earthtone colours in this room are not only good to see, but also give a warm and calm impression, perfect as a place to rest after taking care your little one whole day.

Unlimited activities in a limited space

This bedroom allows your boy to do many activities in a limited space. The loft bed has a study area under the bed that provides space for children to rest, study or play.

Welcome to the bedroom full of imagination

For a girl's bedroom, the world of imagination is a good idea with pink as the dominant colour. With flexible, extendable and modular furniture, this children's bedroom can be used for years to come.