Comfortable space for a modern family

This apartment is perfect for newlyweds who decide to live near the city center. Despite the space is limited, the furnishings and room layout can accommodate all of your and your partner's needs. This apartment's minimalist style is also perfectly suited to a modern urban lifestyle.

An elegant living room

The choice of dark colors in the furnishings gives a contrast to the bright surroundings. The combination of wood and glass also gives an elegant look.

A dining room full of stories

The dining room is coloured in combination of dark wood, natural, and white. The round dining table makes dining an inviting and interactive activity for families. There is a display cabinet so everyone can enjoy their meal while looking at their favorite collections or mementos from previous holidays.

Traditional kitchen in a modern apartment

The kitchen is covered in neutral wood, makes it look traditional, but also timeless and suitable for any mood. This kitchen also provides many storage solutions so that the cooking area feels spacious.

Utilise corner shelves to maximise space

The bathroom uses neutral colour to complement the dark surroundings. The corner shelf is perfect to store the bathroom needs whilst not making too much consumed space.

Rest up before dress up

With a closed wardrobe system for a more private feeling, this bedroom feels more private and tidy while keeping your favorite clothes easily accessible.

Make a limited-space bedroom looks comfortable

This bedroom uses the combination of white, dark wood, and a key colour to spice up the room. It also utilises mirror on the wardrobe's door to brighten up the room.

A safe space for children

The kids bedroom provides soft-edged furnitures that are extendable and adaptable for their growth. The extra space can be utilized to make a new area to do their hobbies.

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