The right steps to clean your home before Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, is a highly significant celebration for the Chinese community worldwide. Apart from marking the annual calendar change, it is filled with ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation. One of the most respected traditions is cleaning the house before welcoming the Lunar New Year. Cleaning holds symbolic meaning, signifying the removal of negative energy and making room for new blessings. 

In the spirit of preparing for Chinese New Year, IKEA, a global furniture and home decoration company, offers inspiration and tips to make the cleaning process more effective and enjoyable. Here are the right steps to clean your home before Chinese New Year, with the distinctive touch of IKEA. 

Prior planning with a checklist

Before starting the cleaning process, planning is key. IKEA provides a specific checklist to help you efficiently plan the cleaning tasks. This checklist includes which areas need attention, necessary equipment, and practical steps to take. Planning beforehand helps you avoid confusion and ensures that every corner of your home is clean and tidy. 

Sorting items with the "KonMari" concept

The "KonMari" concept by Marie Kondo can be adopted during the cleaning process. IKEA offers various storage solutions to help you organize items better. Sorting out items that are no longer needed or do not spark joy can be the initial step in creating a clean and organized space. Use KUGGIS compartment boxes for neatly organizing all products. 

Deep cleaning with IKEA's eco-friendly products

It is important to choose environmentally friendly cleaning products. IKEA offers a variety of eco-friendly cleaning tools that are not only effective in cleaning your home but also have a positive impact on the environment. From cloths, brushes, window cleaning tools, mops, to spray bottles, IKEA provides a convenient set of cleaning tools. With the purchase of one set, you can obtain various types of cleaning tools, making your cleaning moments more flexible. 

Utilizing IKEA's ergonomic tools

Cleaning the house can be a tiresome task, especially if you use non-ergonomic tools. IKEA offers various ergonomic household tools designed to make household tasks easier and more efficient. Brushes with comfortable handles, adjustable-length brooms, and lightweight dusting tools are examples of ergonomic tools that can help you achieve optimal results without compromising your health. Make use of the PEPPRIG cleaning set to support your cleaning activities. 

Home decor updates with IKEA's touch

Apart from cleaning, Chinese New Year is also a good time to give your home decor a refreshing touch. IKEA offers various home decorations inspired by different cultures, including Chinese elements. By adding some decorative accessories like decorative lights or Chinese New Year-themed cushions, you can create a more festive and entertaining atmosphere at home. 

Using IKEA's electronic devices to automate home tasks

Finally, leverage technology to help automate some household tasks. IKEA offers various smart devices such as lights, aroma diffusers, and temperature control systems that can be connected to a smart mobile app. By using these devices, you can control your home environment more easily and efficiently. Start by trying out the TRÅDFRI wireless LED bulb for convenient comfort at home. 

By following the above steps and drawing inspiration from IKEA, cleaning your home before Chinese New Year can become a pleasant and meaningful experience. Don't forget to check IKEA's collection of quality Open Shelf for storing various Chinese New Year necessities at home. May your home shine with cleanliness and happiness, welcoming the Lunar New Year with joy.

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