Classic design for small families

Ideal for small families, this apartment is simple yet multifunctional. There are storage solutions for every member of the family to ensure a better everyday living. With integrating traditional details into modern spaces, this place feels genuine and homely. For a Scandinavian touch, neutral matte colors are mixed with vivid blue tones, and natural light brown materials.

A place to get together

The living area is filled with mostly monotone and natural colour with a hint of blue for a fresher look. The use of many types of seating adjusts to the need of any member of the family.

Traditional kitchen with a timeless design

The kitchen is elegant yet traditional, coloured in earthy tone for a timeless choice. The kitchen also has cabinets with glass doors, which are ideal for displaying a collection of favorite plates or bowls.

Relaxing ambience in the bathroom

The bathroom uses a combination of white and soft colors to create a calming feel. Perfect for relaxing while taking shower after a long day.

Store more on the wall

In a limited-space apartment, every inch is precious. The area near the entrance as well as in front of the shared bathroom can be used as an extra storage to store books and coats.

Beautiful detail for the bedroom

A limited-space bedroom can still look beautiful and comfortable. The choice of accentual furnitures gives a traditional and cozy look to the bedroom. The combination of white and blue colour gives a calm impression for rest.

A bedroom that grows with them

This kids bedroom considers the growth of the child that may need a lot of space for storage or their later ergonomical needs. The use of neutral white colours on the main items will be timeless and will be easier to adjust to their later interest and hobbies.

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