Celebrate the new year with joy alongside IKEA Indonesia

The moment of welcoming the New Year is truly special in one's yearly calendar. After navigating a day filled with learning and challenges that color the tapestry of life throughout the year, the last day of each year becomes the perfect moment to reflect on the journey of life, sharing laughter and stories with close relatives and beloved family while celebrating the New Year's Eve at home. Before celebrating the New Year's Eve at home, let's celebrate the New Year with IKEA in a unique way by shopping for various items.

Shopping for new year decorations

IKEA is known for offering products with modern, functional, and affordable designs, and the same goes for its diverse range of decoration products. Make use of IKEA's decoration collection to add a New Year touch to your home. From Seat cushions that not only adorn the floor but also provide comfort when seated, a variety of Wall clocks ready to decorate your home's walls while making the countdown to the New Year even more special, to various Hanging lights that will give your ceiling a dazzling appearance and add excitement to the New Year's Eve night.

Shopping for minimalist outdoor furniture

New Year's Eve celebrations are usually held in open areas, such as the house terrace. Therefore, complement your terrace with various minimalist outdoor furniture options, such as Minimalist garden chairs combined with a Minimalist gazebos. These not only provide decorative touches that liven up the New Year atmosphere on your terrace but also come with ergonomic designs and foldable formats, ensuring comfort during use and practicality when storing them unused.

Adding green decor to the garden area

To make it even more perfect, welcome the New Year with IKEA Indonesia by adding green decor to the garden area or terrace with a variety of IKEA's Decorative plants. Available in several types of artificial plants, such as potted plants or hanging plants that you can choose according to your taste. Additionally, if you have some flowering plants, they would be perfect to combine with various Flower pots minimalist from IKEA. This combination will undoubtedly give your terrace or garden a refreshing and pleasant green appearance during the New Year's Eve celebration.

Refreshing the family room

In addition to the terrace area, the family room is also a favorite gathering place when celebrating New Year's Eve. Therefore, it's essential to add a refreshing touch to the family room for enhanced comfort. Refresh the look of your family room with a variety of unique modern minimalist sofas and minimalist sofa tables from IKEA. Coming in modern models, minimalistic and simple designs, and made with high-quality materials, these products will make your family room look stunning and attractive, providing maximum comfort. Available in several flexible options, you can choose a table or sofa that suits your needs and the size of the family room area.

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