Budget-Friendly Home Renovation, IKEA’s Style

Having a comfortable home with a modern look is the dream of many people. To ensure that your home continues to provide the best comfort and stays up-to-date, periodic renovations are essential. However, the cost factor often becomes a major obstacle, making the idea of renovation less appealing.

Don't worry, IKEA has several of smart tips to make home renovations more budget-friendly while still delivering optimal results. Here are some cost-effective home renovation tips inspired by IKEA that won't break your savings.

Careful Renovation Planning

Before diving into renovations, it's crucial to plan thoroughly. There are many aspects to consider, from refreshing the interior to replacing old furniture and electronics. To maximize efficiency, start by assessing the current condition of your home's interior, furniture, and electronic devices. This helps determine what needs updating, ensuring that the renovation targets the right areas.

Make a note of your findings and decide which rooms and furniture or electronic devices are outdated and worth replacing. Take advantage of IKEA's interior design consultation services to create the most optimal renovation plan. IKEA offers a diverse portfolio of interior designs for various room types that can serve as a valuable reference.

Use Multifunctional Furniture

When replacing furniture, opt for items with smart multifunctional features. Choosing multifunctional furniture not only saves costs but also provides a clever solution to enhance room functionality, especially in limited spaces. IKEA offers a range of multifunctional furniture, including beds with storage compartments, family sofas that can be transformed into beds, and foldable tables that can be adjusted to fit the room's needs. This way, your renovation not only saves space but also saves money.

Use Energy-Efficient Electronics

Consider incorporating energy-efficient electronic devices into your renovation plans. Beyond initial cost savings, using energy-efficient devices provides long-term electricity cost savings. From energy-efficient LED lights to various modern kitchen appliances, IKEA offers a selection of electronic devices with smart features for convenience and ease of use.

Assemble and Install Furniture Yourself

IKEA furniture is packaged in flat packs for easy transportation and designed to be easily assembled and installed by individuals. This approach can significantly reduce your budget when upgrading furniture. Each IKEA furniture item comes with easy-to-understand assembly guides, allowing you to assemble your new furniture yourself. If you need assistance with assembling large furniture or installing complex installations, such as kitchen sets or bathroom fixtures, IKEA provides assembly and installation services at affordable prices.

Take Advantage of IKEA's Attractive Promotions

Make the most of IKEA's attractive promotions to save on your renovation budget. In addition to offering a variety of quality household items and electronic devices, IKEA provides affordable prices with many enticing promotions.


As the year comes to an end, IKEA is hosting its year-end SALE promotion where you can shop more affordably with discounts of up to 85%. With over 1,500 products featured in this savings event, ranging from large furniture to everyday home accessories such as beds, carpets, chairs, storage solutions, textiles, and more, this savings opportunity is perfect for those planning to renovate and redecorate their homes for the upcoming year.

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