A coordinated, brown-wood dream of a home workspace

Fancy working in this modern small-space home where a high-quality, high-style workspace takes centre stage.

An updated, personalised take on a wood-panel office mood

Take a seat in this supple-leather chair and feel yourself blend in with the warm wood notes of the cabinet fronts, the oak-veneer surfaces of the desk and drawer unit, and the rug’s earthy tones.

Tailor your tasks in coordinated colours

When you already have an elegant exterior in place, there’s a special harmony to an inside displaying the same attention to detail. Like using these neat boxes, baskets and magazine files to keep your essentials in check and clutter at bay.

Handy accessories with a stylish palette

Uniform look, flexible features

Incoming daylight highlights the oak veneer of the cabinets and the desktop, connecting them with the other wood notes in the room. Even better, the adjustable height assists ergonomic working positions, putting less strain on your shoulders and neck.

Sleek accessories that complete the picture

Space-efficient lighting, bentwood laptop stand and charger make sure your desk is up for any task – while their slimline design complements rather than disturbs the retro theme.

Turning materials, lines and colours into a working entity

A coordinated, organised space makes it easier to work, regardless of location. Here, this is achieved by a wooden-top desk at the centre of the room, harmonising with the surrounding textures and shades of wood – not to mention a decorative rug to round it all off.

Recreate the room – piece by piece

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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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