Bring liveliness to beige in this family-friendly traditional living room

This room shows how to mix traditional and modern living room furniture, incorporate colours and patterns to bring life to a beige base, and other ideas for a beautifully balanced room. With thoughtfully designed areas that encourage spending time with your children, this room is a convivial and relaxed space for the whole family.

Add pops of colour and subtle patterns to make the room come alive​

To keep beige from being bland, we added a warm colour palette of red, brown, black and white through accessories and textiles with small patterns. The IVAR cabinet was painted in a punchy red colour, instantly adding joy to the space. Note how the dotted cushion mirrors the design of the hanging tapestry.

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A reading nook with an eyecatching armchair​

Wooden accents and rounded corners make up this cosy reading nook. The armchair is a statement piece with its bold patterned slipcover – we kept the details around it simple, with soft, warm tones and no other patterns. Avoid competing patterns or colours in one area to keep the overall look neat.

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Style a beautiful bookcase​

Arrange some books standing up and others in piles for a dynamic look, using magazine files, boxes and decorative items as bookends. Don’t forget to leave empty spots for an uncluttered and airy expression. Place your child’s books and toys on the lower shelves so they can reach them easily.​

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Work from home and play together in harmony​

Mixing traditional and modern furniture makes for a more vibrant look. In this work-and-play-fromhome area, the furniture has wood and white tones and simple forms –making the pieces work together even if they have different styles.

Double the fun​p

The two lamps, the two artworks above the desk, and the two bookcases against each side of the door create visual balance and add depth to the space. Bring on the beige, add a bit of boldness, and sprinkle warm colours here and there to recreate this cosy, charming and vibrant living room.

Recreate the look piece by piece​

Like what you see? Here are all the products and accessories you need to recreate this brilliant beige look in your own living room.

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