Bathroom-laundry combo – ideas for easy organisation

Doing the laundry in the bathroom is asking a lot of a small space. But with the right solutions, it can work perfectly well. Here are some useful ideas to keep your bathroom organised and tidy – and help your laundry operation run smoothly.

A hub with everything handy

A laundry combination that puts a cabinet over your washing machine gives you a compact laundry solution with convenient closed storage for detergents, softeners and other things that otherwise easily clutters the space. The ENHET series is perfect for the job.

Getting the right gadgets

Hanging, taking down and pairing socks after washing is a never-ending task that’s both space and time consuming. Foldable solutions like this handy hang dryer with pegs are easy to fi t in almost anywhere and help you get the job done faster.

Put your wash on wheels

Hauling around incoming clothes, towels and bed linen is easier with a practical laundry bag on castors. This slim design is easy to stow away by a wall or in a small nook – and you can close the lid for a neat and tidy look.

Adding extra space

With a wall-mounted storage system like this one, you can create a space-effi cient solution for more work surface, plus a drying rack and extra storage above and below. It’s easy customising everything to the space you have available.

A helping handbasket

A laundry basket made in durable plastic is ideal for pulling out wet clothes from the washing machine. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to hang everything right away. The mesh material lets air circulate, so it’s no problem leaving it until a little later.

Easy getting hooked

Storing things on the walls is smart for getting things out of the way. So, adding a row of hooks is always helpful. With suction cups, you don’t need to worry about drill holes. Just go ahead and hang as many as you like.

More choices for your compact laundry

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