Ask an IKEA interior designer: easy updates for a bold home look

When it comes to home furnishing, bolder looks can feel a little daunting to pull off. In reality, an expressive interior with a big impact can be achieved in a few, easy steps. Let’s jump in!

Let those budding ideas bloom (in vases)!

Whether fresh or artificial, flowers immediately add joy to a space. For a more understated look, try single stems in colourful bud vases. For something more dramatic, a large, varied bouquet in a sturdy vase will do the trick.

Pulling focus with flowers

Gallery walls are a wonderful way to show off many of your favourite pieces and objects together. A different but equally dramatic option is to have one large piece, creating a single, statement focal point.

The mood-shifting power of textiles in the home

Textiles can define the feeling of a space. Single-tone drapes that match the colour of the walls create a sense of calm and make a room feel more spacious. Scatter cushions in different patterns, colours and textures can do something quite different – creating dynamism and cosiness.

Decorate your floors with rugs

Rolling out a large, graphic, printed rug is sure to make a big impression, and without taking up any room at all, can softly and attractively divide the space.

On open display

Open or glass-fronted storage is an effective way to organise and display beautiful and precious objects. As well as adding interest to a space, it also doesn’t require popping off to the shops for anything new – it’s merely a matter of working with what you have and creating the biggest, visual impact.

Take a bold step with vases!

Feeling totally inspired? Then maybe it’s time to add some vibrancy into your home with some beautiful vases.

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