An oasis of harmony

This 2 bedroom apartment of 40.6 m² belongs to a newly married couple who want a restful and energised space that makes them feel relaxed and able to keep a healthy work-life balance. During pandemic, this couple have become accustomed to spending more time at home. They desire to strike the right balance in their daily routine. Different area in their apartment are necessary for their various activities.

Cosy place to relax and work

The living room works as a place to do various activities such as relaxing, reading, watching TV and working. The toned-down colours, soft textiles and white wood accent make this living room looks timeless and comfortable.

Organised kitchen in a limited space

Multifunctional and harmonious kitchen and dining is needed, especially in small space apartments. To cater for this wide range of activities, organised storage is a must – both open and closed. Not only to provide easy access to equipment, ingredients and utensils, but also to keep personal items out of sight.

Perfect combination for a small bathroom

With the right choice of furniture and colour, you can have a cosy bathroom even in a small apartment. This bathroom combines the white wooden furniture, an open wall shelf, soothing lighting and touch of green colour to create an elegant and clean look.

A perfect hallway for two

They can store their personal shoes by having a personal area for husband and wife, separated by a ledge to put their favorite magazines. Easy solution to implement and to maintain.

A dream bedroom, a perfect place to relax

This bedroom offer comfort, style and all the functions needed for comfortable life at home. And because this bedroom is their own private space, they has planned it in detail based on their needs. The result is a well-organised space where they can relax and recharge.

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