An inviting dining space to connect with those you love​

A dining space with people at its heart, a vibrant hub where long conversations are enjoyed into the late hours. With an extendable table for guests, and special attention given to cosy and atmospheric lighting, your dining space can be converted into an inviting spot to linger over delicious meals with family and friends.​

Be a part of the art​​

The gallery wall creates a striking focal point, as well as bringing personality to your dining space. By bringing together favourite family photos and playing with different artwork, you can showcase happy memories and display your unique style. Hang mirrors to give a small room the illusion of space.​

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Show off fancy dinnerware​​​​​

Give instant wow-factor by displaying beautiful tableware instead of hiding it away. By using built-in lighting, you can highlight your best pieces. Adjustable shelving allow you to easily fit different size objects from plates and glasses to vases and decanters.​

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Always more room at the table

This flexible dining table extends when you want to host big dinners. Just add a bench for extra seating, then push it up against the wall when not in use. By using a variety of different woods in the table, bench and bowls, we’ve given the space an inviting and rustic ambience.​

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Mix up the mood​​​

Play with light and sound for an instant mood change. This wall art doubles up as a Wifi speaker so you can play music that complements your activity. These hand-blown lamps with smart light bulbs and remote controls allow you to adjust the mood from moment to moment.​

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Your four-wheeled friend​

When two hands are not enough, a trolley acts as a helpful buddy at your dinner party. Using a trolley saves you several trips to the kitchen as you can bring out multiple dishes and dinnerware at the same time. When not hosting, your trolley can be used to store kitchenware.​

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Light up special moments

Using candlelight will cast a warm glow over the table while also acting as a decorative centrepiece. When hosting a celebratory dinner or an adult dinner party, the glass candle holders and vase with striped effect reflects light around the room and provides a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.​

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A feast for the senses​

To make your dining space as inviting as possible, have a textured rug underfoot and play with tableware of different materials, like wooden bowls or pretty glasses that feel great to hold. By choosing tableware to satisfy the senses you give your guests a hearty feeling of comfort and warmth.

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