An extra small Scandi living room that is big on playfulness and style

Joyful primary colours, bold graphic patterns and smart, space-saving funiture star in this extra small modern living room. The white base and bright pops of colours make the space appear larger, giving it a playful and light feel. Scandinavian style is not as serious as it seems: here’s how to do it in a fresh, lively and easy-going way.​

When form and function play together​​​

This room features the elements of a modern Scandinavian style: a clean white base combined with primary colours – here we used red and blue – bent wood and raised furniture for an airy look. And of course, functionality is key. Storage that optimises the wall and multi-purpose and moveable furniture work wonders for this extra small space.​​

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Make room for joy​

Moveable furniture, like this coffee table on wheels, is great for small spaces, making the room flexible for different activities. Like play time! Check out these toys and play rug in colours that match the Scandi look of this living room.​​

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Smart storage to keep a small space organised​

In this studio apartment, a shelving unit – used as a room divider –separates the dining area from the living room while providing plenty of storage that is easily accessible from both sides. Stash away gadgets, games and clutter (or anything you need to store) in these boxes that fit perfectly on its shelves.​

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Statement walls with playful curves​​

We painted decorative curves around the TV bench and sofa-bed to add to the playful Scandi look of the room. The rounded shapes also balance out the square forms and rigid lines of the furniture, helping to soften up the visual expression.​​

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Big, bold, graphic patterns inspired by nature​​​​

Big and bold graphic patterns are hallmarks of modern Scandinavian design. The MAJSMOTT cushion cover is a wonderful example of this. A tip for mixing and matching cushion covers: stick to a colour palette (here, it’s black and white) when using different patterns.​

Designer Emma Hagman was inspired by nature when creating the cushion cover. “I started out drawing by hand, to get a lively feel. I like how the hand makes things naturally asymmetric,” she shares. “Random checks, untamed leaves and details from nature were my​ inspiration. For me, Scandinavian design is not only simple, but also warm, nature-inspired, and often bold and large-scale.”​

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An easy-going Scandinavian design living room that makes you smile​​

White combined with pops of blue and red, light wood, bold and graphic patterns, and smart storage make up this cheerful living room. Here, form and function come together in a playful way, creating a space that is allowing, and a joy to live in.​​

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