An aesthetic apartment with one bedroom

This one bedroom apartment design suits to your feminine style. The combination of white and peach colour makes your home look brighter.

Aesthetic kitchen in limited space

This is an aesthetic and functional letter L-shaped kitchen inspiration. The room column that blocks the kitchen can be used as a minimalist laundry room.

Simple but functional

For the living room area, a simple TV cabinet is perfect. The cabinet has enough space to store remote, books or other necessities. Instead of using a coffee table, this living room turns a laptop stand into a work area or a table to serve drinks for guests.

Work from home with more comfort

If you have to work from home, this area helps you to stay focused and productive as it has all furniture you need. Good lighting completes this area.

Harmonious ambience to sleep

This bedroom looks harmonious with a bed, wardrobe and other furniture in the same color. Modular wardrobe fill the empty area and allows you to create a wardrobe that fits your needs.

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