A warm place to spend time with family

This bright space is made for big families. A traditional look with light wood colours and greeneries makes the space looking fresh and warm to gather and spend time with family members.

A classic looking kitchen

This kitchen is a classic looking kitchen, being elegant while staying simple and closeted. In a big family situation where one kitchen is used by many people, clutter can be a big problem. Closed organization is one of the solution to keep kitchen ingredients safely placed.

For a warm family dining moment

This dining area is bright and simple, pleasing to the eye for a comfortable dining experience. The wooden table and white chairs create a warm, minimalist look for family dining moments.

Turn an unused space to be a functional room

The space under the stairs can be utilized to make a working area. This working area is perfect to accommodate members of the family who needs to work at home.

A spacious feel in the living area

The living room feels open and friendly by using lighter colours. The L-shaped sofa makes it able to hold many people while not leaving the room looking bulky.

Different materials for dining area

The dining area combines all the different types of material, makes an exciting dining experience every time.

A hidden storage system

The bathroom and walk-in closet are elegant and classic. The closet is meant to give a clean and hidden storage system because it looks like a wall. The bathroom feels refreshing and earthy.

A comfortable workspace in the bedroom

This bedroom utilises extra space as working space. Open organizers are put beside the desk to make daily items more noticeable and easier to use.

Perfect arrangement for limited space

Mostly covered in nude color, this bedroom is calm and perfect for a relaxing rest. There isn't too much stuff in the bedroom, so it feels more spacious.

There is plenty room for their collection

This bedroom is perfect for teens. Open shelves makes a little display for the kid to show their interest. Wall storage is used to safe more space as well as to avoid clutter.

A space for afternoon chats

The outdoor area can be utilised as the second space to held a family gathering or even to spend some time alone. The gazebo can help making their outdoor experience better by protecting them from the weather while still being able to let them have a breeze of the outside.