A warm, natural house for togetherness

This house made for multiple families to live together in this humble and welcoming space. Using natural elements like rattan, wood, and simple patterns to create a comfortable feel whilst still looking modern. In this house, privacy is the main thing and the bedroom is their own personal space. Meanwhile, the outdoor areas like balcony and backyard are utilised as extra public space.

Simple and practical kitchen

Dedicated for a more simple and clean cooking activities, this kitchen surely has it all. The combination of open shelves where you can put things and easy to find, and also closed cabinets to store items you don’t want others to see, make this space feels practical and functional.

A modern feel bathroom

Using the combination of black, grey, and natural materials. This compact sized bathroom use the cabinet which create a tidy and organised look.

The right space to get together

This living room using many type of seatings in comfortable materials creating a cosy space and perfect for sharing some great family time together.

A calm and organised bedroom

This bedroom using mainly natural colors which create a calm atmosphere, so is not tiring to the eyes. The closed drawer and cabinet gives a tidy look while maintaining the user's organisation.

Personalised as needed

This bedroom is made for a more personalised space. The open wardrobe is implemented to display their style while functioned for an easy and quick outfit of the day.

A multifunctional bedroom

This bedroom is made for multiple activities to happen in the room. Wall mounted cabinet is implemented around the sides so the bedroom can also be a cosy working space.

Outdoor kitchen? Why not!

Perfect for outdoor, this kitchen is perfect for a day or night at the backyard. The compact kitchen leaves space to do activities outside whilst being able to do cooking acitivities without having to go inside.