A traditional-style bed and breakfast with side businesses, too

Here's a bed and breakfast with a traditional look and an active, outdoor vibe everywhere from the welcoming area and cosy lounge to the individually styled bedrooms. It has space for side businesses, too. The dining area can be used for classes and meetings and there's even a shop.

A welcome that sets the scene

In this waiting area for guests, a work bench with a wooden top helps set the mood to warm and inviting. The area is organised but easy-going, with a traditional, authentic look.

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A charming spot to relax in

With its comfy sofa, this zone is perfect for unwinding or socialising with a cup of coffee and a tasty bite. The wooden furniture and the cushion covers create a strong traditional look. The laptop stand is handy when checking emails or tourist websites and blends in well, thanks to its beige colour.

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Cultivating a natural theme

Here, nature feels really close thanks to the mix of exuberant plants, the wooden architecture, the classic dining furniture and the freen of the vases and cabunets. The generous cabintes have lots of space for materials for classes or meetings – conveniently next to where they're needed.

A double room with soft comfort and colour

This comfy bedroom has everything gueses need – including a welcome kit to get their stay off to a great start. The furniture has a simple, traditional look while the colourful patterns of the bed linen, cushions and throws grab your attention and gave the room its individuality.

A twin room with quirky architecture (and unique personality)

Big wooden beams? No problem. It just meant two single beds instead of a double. Along with the colours and patterns of the bedding, the beam help make this room distinct from the previous one. An open wardrobe makes this smaller room feel less crowded and the hooks on the wall turn empty space into useful storage.

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Storage to help things run more smoothly

Well organised storage means less time looking for stuff and more time to make sure guests enjoy their day. Here, high shelves provide lots of space, while boxes help keep things sorted out and easy to get at – with the wooden ones adding a warm, timeless feel.

Practical shelves that put your products on a pedestal

Many bed and breakfast businesses also sell or hire things out. This tall shelving unit provudes lots of space and a simple background where the products can shine. The drawers hold extra stock – organised into small boxes – making restocking super easy. More to display? Just add another shelving unit.

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