A traditional black kitchen in a small space

Turn your small kitchen into an elegant statement with black-stained fronts and matching appliances. A kitchen island, in the same rustic style, creates a​ welcoming area and provides extra space for work and storage. Brighten it all up with a pendant lamp and spotlights in an industrial retro metal design.

Let your sink steal the show

This robust sink blends in and stands out at the same time. Together with the black-stained fronts, which cover both cabinets and appliances for a uniform look, it gives your kitchen a flair of a country house. The anthracite finish and rounded details of the handles enhance the classic, antique character.

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A kitchen island is a small kitchen’s best friend

A place to hang out. Extra workspace. Additional storage. A kitchen island is 3-in- 1, perfect for a small kitchen. Instead of stealing space, it adds both style and function. Set the mood with a retro style pendant lamp above it and turn on the adjustable spotlights in ceiling tracks when you want more light.​​

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A kitchen can never have too much storage​

Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like a well-organised kitchen. If your space is limited, it’s even more important to use every corner wisely. A mix of cabinets and drawers creates the ultimate storage for your things. And an open shelf next to the dishwasher may just be the home for your favourite cookbooks.

A traditional-style oven with all the modern functions

With its black glass and bevelled edges, this stove looks as good as it cooks. It’s quick, energy-efficient and you can adjust the heat by simply sliding the pot or pan. The bold-shaped fan, winner of the Red Dot Design Award, is a perfect match and it features an LED lighting strip for convenient cooking.​

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A black kitchen that is both modern and old-school​

This well-planned kitchen, with a kitchen island as its natural centre, will quickly become the favourite place in your home. The look mixes an old farmhouse style with lighting solutions that remind of older factories or theatres. Although retro, this kitchen has all the modern functions that you want.