A super small Scandi hallway with a playful style and smart storage

This small, narrow hallway – which is actually a tiny space by the door – bursts with a playful Scandi style with a bright blue wall and smart storage solutions. Get inspired with its clever small-space thinking that optimises every available space for storage, while creating a joyful and bold look.​

Bright blues, crisp whites and plenty of clever storage​

We used a white wardrobe with 4 sliding doors to store things needed for everyday take offs and landings; water bottles, jackets, headphones are always easy to find. Use baskets and boxes in coordinated colours for a neat, uncluttered look. The open storage makes the blue walls visible, adding style.

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Make the most of your walls with hooks

For small spaces, optimising all available wall space for storage is key. Here we used TJUSIG vertical hook racks – shaped like tree branches, which strengthen the Scandi look – for hanging jackets, bags and caps. It’s great for kids too, as they can easily hang their own stuff on the lower hooks.

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A coordinated Scandi look with the rest of the studio

The hallway area can be separated from the living room with a curtain, defining the two areas while making the space flexible. The living room and the hallway have the same playful and modern style, creating a seamless look that makes a small space look bigger.