A stylish home for young family

For young families, a stylish and house is needed to form their identity. With a mix of white, grey, red and turquoise, this space is elegant, fresh, and always up-to-date. By using closed storage, the space will always look clean and neat.

A luxurious combination of kitchen and dining area

The kitchen is mostly white with element of marbles and a hint of red colour. The use of different material such as glass makes an exquisite dining experience.

Everything is within reach

The bathroom is equipped with open storage to make it easier for family members to reach their needs. This way makes bathroom activities more efficient, especially on hectic mornings.

A living room for all people

The glass cabinet makes the living room a great place to show off the family's collection. The different kind of seatings suits family members of different ages.

A place where the child grew up

The kids bedroom is perfect especially for babies in under supervision. The layout is flexible for when they grow up, and the bold colors are only used on easily replaceable items.

Easy to find what you need

The storage mostly consist of open storage. The use of organizer box makes the area looks neat and organized while still being able to take and move things easily.

Work from home

The working area is perfect for a couple who needs to work at home. Maximizing the space by implementing wall mounted storage makes the work area feel more spacious.

Simple yet comfortable bedroom

The master bedroom is simple and mostly colored in monotone, making it a pleasant place to sleep. A bright red drawer is put to liven up the room.

Refreshing oasis in the backyard

Take advantage of extra space in the backyard to make a simple sitting spot for various activities. Grey colores is used to better fit the greeneries on the outside.