A small studio apartment for a stylish gamer

Show your love for gaming at home, as well as your good taste in design and art. With a few carefully chosen design decisions, you don’t need to compromise style with performance. This modern and minimal workspace at home shows how to help blend gaming furniture into your interiors, while letting your personality shine through.

A gaming station with softness and style

A gaming area doesn’t need to look bulky. A very comfortable chair helps you focus and enjoy your game. Stylewise, add soft and organic elements in the form of cushions and baskets made from natural materials to balance out the black furniture.

Textiles to bring in a softer feel

Cabinets for maximum storage and style

In a small space, making the most of your walls for storage is key. Here, we show how storage can also be done in an artistic way with a minimal colour palette and creative placement. The closed storage minimises clutter and keeps the look calm, while the open components function as a mini art gallery

Create different zones with textiles

In this small space, rugs create a visual grid and help define the different areas of the room: the sleeping area, the dining area and the workspace. The curtain also separates the wardrobe from the rest of the room, and keeps the space visually calm when closed.

Lighting to level up your game

Along with your gaming accessories, the right lighting is important for the best gaming experience. Block-out curtains block out the sun when needed, and lamps are placed around the screen so there’s no glare. Creating ambience via LED strip lights sets the right mood too.

Lighting and gaming accessories for optimal performance

Tying it all together

The gaming furniture is a focal point but it still works with the rest of the room. We tie the look together by placing black and red accents across the room and adding soft and organic elements throughout.

Everything you need to get the look

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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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