A small living space with balance of class and comfort

A cool and contemporary living room for adults to enjoy. Not just a trendy retreat, functionality plays a key role, like clever storage to keep the lines clean, minimalistic and clutter-free. With tech aspects to enhance your leisure time, the space becomes a sophisticated mix of a boutique hotel aesthetic and classy entertaining pad.

Smart gadgets to make life better

Relax in your favourite chair, put your phone on charge, dim the lights and listen to your favourite beats. Tech like this WiFi speaker with lamp base becomes a multi- functional object of its own, while the wireless phone charger and air purifier provide all the elements you need to relax in your living space.

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Mix the soft with the solid

Straight, clean lines and angles in the furniture is softened by plush textiles. Creating balance and harmony, textiles add a comforting homely feel. We’ve chosen neutral tones and geometric patterns for an ideal blend of classy clean looks and warm cosiness.

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Keep it boxy

This combination of cabinet and modular shelving gives a stylish uniform look that’s also space effective. With box shelves stacked next to each other, you can place stuff like plants, mirrors and decorations on top. The closed cabinet underneath provides extra space for personal items.

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Lights, camera, action

Turn down the lights, draw the curtains, and get comfy with this sophisticated grown-up space that turns into a cosy area to watch movies and chill. Use coloured lighting to set the mood, then pull down a white blind over the shelving and project what you want to watch onto a big screen. Popcorn optional.

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Give your guests the hotel treatment

Store things like extra bed linen for overnight guests in a sideboard cupboard. For instant hotel vibes, go the extra mile and show your friends how much you appreciate them by preparing an overnight box with luxury items like slippers, a hairbrush and bath robe.

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A sleepover is always an option

Perfect for relaxing or watching movies, this cosy armchair has foam that adapts to your body for supreme comfort. When you have guests over it turns into a soft bed for them to sleep on. A curtain room divider gives your guests some privacy, while box shelves are transformed into convenient bedside tables.

Lines should be clean and straight

Key to creating a masculine looking space are choosing pieces of furniture with straight lines and square shapes, while textiles should generally be dark or earth toned with plain or geometric patterns. Bring balance with round objects like a small table or vase, and soft cushions or rugs will add warmth.

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