A quirky and personalized kitchen in a modern studio for work and play​

A small space with challenging architecture doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your kitchen dreams. This kitchen makes the most out of the sloped walls, and the bold colours, natural materials and patterns accentuate the white kitchen fronts to create a calm yet highly personalised expression.​

Small on space, big on storage​​

An awkward space can create an opportunity for creative storage solutions. Here, we’ve combined open and closed storage to hide away everyday items while making the bolder ones a part of the décor. When space is tight, why not extend the kitchen into the hallway to provide some storage ?​

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Room for work, chill and more​

This work-and-play-from-home studio is all about optimising space. The stackable stools and combined desk and dining table with wheels, means you can go from working to relaxing in no time. The trolley and lamps, made from natural materials, add a sense of calm, while the stools and chairs bring a bold vibe.​

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Using every nook & cranny

The dark terracotta colour helps to frame the kitchen. It adds warmth to the entire space, but also makes the white kitchen fronts pop. The tight space at the end of this kitchen has also been utilised to hide a kitchen trolley. A great kitchen companion that can double as an extra work area.​

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A modern and vibrant kitchen that has it all​

By clever use of space and architecture, we’ve achieved a complete kitchen without having to compromise on​ function. The space supports multiple activities thanks to some out-of-the-box thinking, and the white base, natural materials, and bold bursts of colour create a calm yet personalised kitchen.

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