A place that accommodates all needs

This space is made for millenial families. Using neutral and natural elements, this space is humble and homey, fits everybodys preferences pretty well. Comfortable for guests and relatives to visit and make themselves at home.

For more efficient mobility

The sink is put on the outside of the bathroom. Making mobility effective and practical to differentiate wet and dry activities.

Simple yet organised bathroom

The bathroom itself is simple and can hold many belongings. Closed cabinet also put on top of the closet to store dry belongings and avoid it from being wet.

A home for every favourite collection

This living area can display many collections and belongings. Using neutral colours such as white and nude will complement the many colors and shapes of collections. The space on top of the cabinet can also be utilized as another display, or make a tidier look by using some organiser box.

Storage solutions to make bedroom looks more spacious

Putting curtains in front of the wardrobe makes an illusion of a walk-in closet, and also makes the visual of the room conditional to the owners mood. closed and open storage is also combined for priority items, also to teach the kids learn to organize their own room.

Utilise the wall area

This bedroom utilises the intruded side of the wall to make a simple open storage space. By using stack of shelves instead of bulkier cabinet, it will form a domestic space as well as a visual display for your bedroom.

A comfortable guest bedroom

This bedroom is bright and contrasting. It feels homey and simple, perfect for guests or relatives to quickly be comfortable and make themselves at home.

Ready for an outdoor dining

The outdoor kitchen is the behind the scenes of all the outdoor acivities. The kitchen is chic and classic looking. The kitchen is simple and doesn’t take up that much space, yet can hold and organize appliances very well and tidy.

Refreshing oasis at day and night

The outdoor space is festive and fresh. Materials used such as fabric and wood is safe for outdoor and don’t absorb heat, blends well with outdoor greeneries, making a comfortable stay in both day and night.