A place for young adults in the heart of the city

This apartment is perfect for young adults who are looking for a place to live alone in the middle of the city. A mix of light pastels for the illusion of a larger space, with elegant dark accents, creates the impression of a warm, youthful and inviting space. The combination of furniture made from wood, metal and various textiles adds to the uniqueness of this studio apartment.

A combination of functional kitchen and dining room

This compact and functional kitchen is combined with the dining area to save space. The kitchen cabinets feature wood-toned fronts, lending the apartment a natural vibe.

Refreshing modern bathroom

Even though the area is limited, this modern bathroom looks neat and aesthetic. The combination of white and pastel colors creates a refreshing appearance.

One room with two purposes

This room works as a bedroom and workspace. The room is divided into two basic colors to create the impression of two different areas.

Multifunctional furniture is key

Multifunctional furniture is needed in a limited space. Like this bed frame that can be used as a bed as well as a comfortable sofa.

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