A nest for a new family

This young family of husband, wife and 1-month-old baby girl share a bedroom together. When the husband works all day, the wife and their baby spend most of the time in the bedroom. Taking care of the baby, watching TV, working from home, and resting are the main activities. Step inside and see how this couple created their dream bedroom that not only feel comfortable but is also a safe space for their baby.
They live in a 96 m2 house and their bedroom is the heart of everything. The furniture that they use in the bedroom are focusing on comfort and the safety of the baby.

Peace of mind

This is a bedroom and bathroom solution for a young couple sharing space with their baby. This room is the center of all the activity as well as an oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The use of furniture and accessories made from natural materials can create a harmonious, soothing feel. And make sure the safety of the baby is on the top priority.

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The ultimate combination

Comfortable mattress, quilt, quilt cover, and bed linen, ergonomic pillows, completed with mattress pad and throw are also important matters to support the creation of a dream cosy bedroom. Playing on the bed with your little one feels more enjoyable and less worry.

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Keeping a busy spot under control

Place the baby cot near your bed, so that when the baby wake up in the middle of the night, you can reach her faster. Make sure the changing table and the accessories are nearby to facilitate your activities.

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Everything within reach  

Use a comfortable armchair for nursing the baby with the addition of cushion, and get a mobile trolley to place nursing equipment and supplies. The use of soft lighting is perfect to do your activities without disturbing the baby. 

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The hidden comfort

Create a quiet, comfy private area using curtains which especially designed to help purify the air at the same time, then put the curtains around the bed so the activities and the light inside won’t disturb your baby.

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Keep it organised and easy to find

For the wardrobe, use accessories, boxes and organisers for the inside to maximize the storage. They also make it easier to view, find and grab what you need, helping to minimize starting time. By adding lighting inside the wardrobe, you can see things without disturbing your baby’s sleep.

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A place for everything and everything in its place

The bathroom which is located close to the wardrobe can make your life easier. Take advantage of the wall area and use it as your storage to put all the toiletries and accessories. Place the baby bath, step stool, and baby towel in an easy-to-reach place, like in the shower area.

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