A modern living room bursting with life

Step into this contemporary living room that has a light, airy feel despite limited space. Here, feel-good favourites on display and children’s activities blend together seamlessly, thanks to clever storage and stylish coordination.

Wood notes to lighten up gatherings by the sofa

This coffee table is a perfect match for the light-wood details around the room, and works equally well for relaxing breaks and fun sessions. The safe, round edges prevent play-related mishaps, while the table itself holds accessories close at hand.

A great-sounding WiFi speaker that looks the part, too

See the modern graphic theme echoed by textiles, decorations, even the print-pattern WiFi speaker? Here, it’s taken up an extra notch by the customised cabinet doors, done here with dried leaves and dark fabric. The door design lets you tailor the look – so why not fashion your storage freely?

Add your touch by putting favourites on display

The slimline shelving highlights what’s on the shelves without adding bulk to the room, letting patterns and green pops interact effectfully with the sofa and its textiles.

Shapes and shades to brighten your space

Light wood for light-hearted moments

The coordinated cluster of playthings creates a haven for children’s activities – either to watch or partake in. At the same time, the wood notes and colourful details blend in well with the rest of the living room. Talk about combining the best of both worlds.

Top-notch textiles for stylish sofa comfort

While the modern graphic prints of the cushions team up with the surrounding pattern-popping textiles, the sofa itself works as a base for the green theme seen around the room. That’s some serious centrepiece game, right there.

A contemporary mix of textures, patterns and materials

By clever use of space, this living room is able to please a whole family doing parallel activities. Meanwhile, the carefully chosen colour scheme – light base, natural materials and leafy greens – create a strong personal expression, tying the room together to a calm, harmonious whole.

Recreate the room – piece by piece

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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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