A mid-century modern living room for modern times

Inspired by stylish mid-century modern interiors? You can bring the look into your home in an easily achievable and affordable way. We help break down interior design elements to re-create this look for modern times. Featuring clean lines, neutral tones and warm pops of colour, this living room is minimal, airy and timeless.

Mid-century modern style with contemporary features

This sofa ticks all the boxes for getting that retro look: the low back, the gentle corners, the minimal form and the green corduroy cover – but it doesn’t stop there. Beneath the seats is roomy, hidden storage to store everything from extra pillows to gaming consoles.

Furniture with a vintage look

Low seating, rounded edges, and details such as corduroy fabric are characteristic of mid-century modern design. A paper lamp strengthens the look here as well. Real vintage or not, it doesn’t matter: it’s all about sticking to the style. Even better, these pieces of furniture are updated with modern comfort.

Warm colours and dark wood balanced with neutral tones

In this room, the white wall balances pops of colour that are reminiscent of the era: desert rust, earthy greens and warm mustard. Dark wood lends even more warmth to the space. The trick is not to oversaturate with colours and to balance it out with neutral tones.

An artful storage and display combo that pops

The storage combination becomes a focal piece in the room, and serves as both decoration and practical storage. The playful placement of the modules adds a whimsical element to the living room while the mostly white tones balance the more colourful furniture – keeping the look minimal and airy.

Make a space feel more personal and lively with plants

Blending indoor and outdoor elements is one of the main characteristics of mid-century modern interiors. Don’t forget to bring in a few plants to enhance the style, while boosting your mood.

Recreate the room – piece by piece

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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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