A household with space for a big family

A husband and wife, together with their four children and much-loved hound, they’ve created a place that is distinctly their own, where there is much exploring to be done, inside and outdoors – together and alone.

A warm welcome

Large windows let in lots of natural light, keeping their indoor plants happy and giving the entire living room a warm and welcoming glow – perfect for an afternoon of quiet reading on the sofa alone, or a family boardgame battle around the coffee table.

For the love of art

Both lovers of art, combining their collections was one of their favourite parts of creating a home together. In their living room, their gallery wall tells their story: two different halves that, when combined, have created a new, beautiful household.

Come one, come all

They’re a big family with a hearty appetite for food and fun. Their sizable dining table delivers onall fronts, whether that be long pancake-fuelled Saturday breakfasts, competitive quiz nights or neighbourhood potlucks. Take your pick, they all happen here.

A kitchen where everyone plays their part

When house hunting, a spot with a generous kitchen was a must. Cupboards and drawers provide ample storage, but hooks and rails give their smaller pieces an easy to reach, attractive home. The older kids often help out, while kitchen trolleys filled with pens, paper and toys keep the toddlers entertained.

A deep, necessary sleep

With so many different lives to think about and a home to run, these parents prioritise getting in proper sleep. Their bedroom’s dark colour palette makes for a calming, sleep-inducing space, and with their own desk and bathroom, they can get started on the day well before the rest of their household rises.

A teenage bedroom for alone time

She’s just stepped into teenhood and with it, the need for her own space. Her bedroom has become her haven for all things artistic, where she can sit at her desk, working on a script for the school play, or spend hours delving into her wardrobe for something fun and expressive to wear out with her friends.

Two halves of a whole world

Their toddlers happily share a room – one in which they can each grow into for quite some time. Even though they may still be little, their personalities are reflected in their halves of the room, from the toys they play with to the bedding they sleep in.

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