A great place to start a family

This sophisticated apartment is perfect for young families. With stylish expressions and warm red tones, this space gives a playful yet elegant feel all around. Furniture provided has shapes and materials that are soft and warm both to the eye and to the touch, whilst also being baby-friendly for newborn baby in the future.

A space to gather with family

This elegant modern living room area is perfect for a growing family. The furniture is placed as cozily as possible to offer the ideal setting for family conversations. The living room area always looks organized, thanks to a TV bench with storage.

Elegant kitchen in limited area

Every inch of space counts in a small place. This elegant-looking kitchen features an extended cabinet that leaves the room underneath for storage and the upper part as a dining area.

A stylish bathroom

This apartment has a fancy-looking bathroom in darker colors and warm lighting for an elegant and dramatic effect. The wall frame is used as a storage area to save bathroom space.

A functional decoration

A wall cabinet can be both a stunning practical decoration and a storage option for a small space. You can free up room for other uses by using wall cabinets.

Make the most of the wall space

This baby room makes the most of the wall space for storage and lighting. This way is to keep the floor area feeling spacious so Mom will have more space for caring the baby.

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