A full life in a small apartment

Given the chance, most people may opt for more room rather than less, but there is no reason a small space need be a compromise. Sure, you may have to be a bit more creative, but with smart storage ideas, multipurpose furniture and space saving solutions, any home can be optimised. Take a look around this apartment to see what we mean.

Dividing a small open plan space into zones

A tiny apartment with a hallway and living area? It’s all possible with zones! Here, a division in one room has been created with two large cabinets, slicing up the space while providing ample storage for both areas.

Let the good times roll in with smart home products​

One of the benefits of smart blinds and lamps is that they can be programmed to close and switch on and off at a certain time of day – convenient, but also the subtle nudge some of us may need to stop working and slip into the evening mood. And as this lamp is a speaker too, you can also get some music going.

The versatile blackout blind​

TVs can take up a lot of space, but the benefit of a blackout roller blind is that you can pull it down and project onto it when you want a big screen moment and roll it back up when you’re done.

This kitchen packs a storage punch

Quick breakfasts before work or slow Sundays with a friend – this breakfast nook works for both. A mix of open and closed storage above and below the worktop means that even with its small size, this little kitchen is more than capable – breakfast, lunch and supper.

Multipurpose tables for every occasion

A well-fitting set of nesting tables integrates seamlessly with the surrounding storage. The smaller tables tucked below are the very definition of multipurpose, comfortably doubling as stools when some paperwork needs attention or some friends pop by to hang out.
“When living small, pick pieces that provide more than one function. Integrated storage that doubles as a dog bed? Now that’s what we’re talking about!”

Fredrik Biel
IKEA interior designer

Smart, dual-purpose products, please!

Is it a table? Is it an air purifier? It’s both! Paired with a small air quality sensor, this table is an ideal item for living in a little space in a big, smoggy city, offering an extra, attractive surface while quietly improving the air quality?

A hardworking, storage-centric bathroom

High and low, open and closed – this bathroom is all about storage! Everyday items are in easy reach, perfumes are displayed, adding a sense of style, and higher up cabinets are home to the things needed less frequently.

The compact laundry​

By making use of the full length of the walls with a mix of open and closed shelves and cupboards, enough room was saved in one corner of the bathroom for a home laundry. It all goes to show that by cleverly configuring storage, you can almost magically create more space.

Bring this look into your own home!

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