A fresh start together

This apartment is shared by a family of three: parents and 1 toddler. Each family member has a separate private area, but still focuses on togetherness. The use of soft colors and materials will make them comfortable and safe to live side by side without worry.

Having quality time with family

This living room is the heart of the home for a family of three. The sofa embraces the whole family, with lots of back cushions to make it easy to snuggle up and enjoy cosy nights and lazy days. The mix of different pattern and texture create a warm and beautiful looks.

A place for socializing and displaying collections

Located in the middle of the home, this kitchen and dining area is another place for socialising and being creative. The glass door cabinet allows them to display their dinnerware collection safely from the child's reach.

Organised and calm bathroom

The big space of storage accommodates this family needs in the bathroom. Their bathroom looks elegant and classic by using the combination of patterned wall and tiles.

A place to find peace on a busy day

Multifunctional and organised bedroom can create an ease mind for busy parents. Keep the personal things inside the wardrobe and display the beautiful things in an organised wall shelf can be a way to keep the relaxing mood.

A place full of imagination

This bedroom comes with a fun environment by combining pattern and lighting. Using extendable bed can be a tips for a family with toddler since the bed grows as your child grows.

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