A flexible small space solution for family and friends

This family of three, make the living area as the center of the house. They like to hang-out and socialise with family and friends, so the living area is becoming a gathering place. Most of their activities are done here as well, such as relaxing, working, playing with their kid, storing, displaying photos, collections and decorations.

They need a comfortable living area that can accommodate many guests, comfortable workspace with ergonomic furniture and equipped with smart storage system, and some display area for their many photo collection and decorations.

A comfortable living area for gathering

The living room using a comfortable sofa bed which flexible because it has moveable back cushions that is easy to adjust for the seat depth. It also has a large storage space underneath the seat to store pillows and throws. We use multifunctional storage as the TV bench which can also be use as extra seat. The footstools are also to provide more seat with storage underneath. For the coffee table, we choose the one that is easy to move and flexible.

Multifunction wall for everything

This wall is for storing and displaying many things. The hooks are for storing frequently used clothes and items, such as jackets or bags. For smaller entrance, choose shoes storage which is flexible, easy to hang and combine. To create wall of photo frames, use different sizes and type of frames, and also use picture ledge to keep smaller frames at perfect angle.

An ergonomic workspace with smart storage

For a cosier working from home, we used a desk with clever design that keep messy cables out of sight and a comfy chair which has adjusting mechanism based on body posture. For the storage, we use cabinets with many colours, sizes, with doors and without to create not only a useful but also a beautiful storage system.

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