A flexible laundry nook in earthy tones​

It may be small, but it feels like such a big thing to have a laundry space that’s so stylish it blends in almost anywhere in your home. Create this laid-back atmosphere by mixing natural materials, a room divider and plenty of functionality. Who knows? Laundry day may soon be your favourite day of the week.​

Modern earthy style with room divider functionality​​

From hidden to hardworking in a second. Keeping your laundry supplies in a trolley - in beautiful natural bamboo - makes them easy to grab and organise. A pair of timeless dark beige curtains in crushed linen work as a tactile room divider and bring a clean and cosy feeling to your room.​

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​Add a little magic to the mundane​

Not only are transparent glass jars, wooden trays and cotton bags much nicer to look at, they also add an easy overview of your smaller items, and a natural sense​ of peacefulness.​

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A family laundry room in natural materials balanced with clever storage

Warm and inviting with muted tones and a seamless connection to the rest of the home, this family laundry nook gives you an organised feel-good space while washing and sorting. And when done, you simply stack the ironing board, trolley and drying rack away behind a cocooning backdrop.​​
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