A cozy contemporary home

This space is humble yet feels modern. The combination of natural elements and materials in contemporary shapes makes the room feels homey and up to date.

Chic-look kitchen with simplicity

The kitchen is simple and complete with closed storage. But a quarter of the space is left open for a more practical use as well as to display kitchen utensils for the chic-look.

Storage area for bathroom utilities

In the outside of the bathroom, there's a dry storage area to put utilities you can grab before entering the bathroom.

Smart way to divide a limited bathroom

The inside of the bathroom is divided by a shower curtain. One side of the wall is arranged with series of hooks that blends with the bathroom. The use of hooks can be practical while not taking too much space like how shelves or cabinets do.

A playful yet tidy living room

Using mostly open storage, this space is clean and tidy. Storages are facing different direction for a playful yet tidy living room. Cabinets that are not facing the center of the room, such as the one beside the TV is put for a more private belongings.

Give space to display their hobbies

The kids bedroom has an advantage of having many leftover space because the main furniture used are relatively smaller. The side of the bedroom can be used as an extra storage or a place to display their hobbies.

Sleep in the modern bedroom

This bedroom is homey and humble, yet still have a modern and contemporary touch to it. Shelf is put on the upper side of the wall, and it can be used to display belongings or decorations. The bedroom is clean and refreshing.

A comfy guest bedroom

This bedroom is simple and comfy. Perfect for guests to feel comfortable and have a relaxing stay since it doesn't have too much accessories.

Have a great lunch or dinner at the backyard

This kitchen is perfect for a day or night at the backyard. The compact kitchen leaves space to do activities outside whilst being able to cook without having to go inside.

The second family room

Enjoy a great family time in the refreshing backyard. The parasol allows you to enjoy the breeze while still being protected from the sun.