A cosy bedroom for baby – and you

A small bedroom can be easily transformed into a haven where you and your baby can bond. With beautiful textiles, natural materials and well-placed storage, this relaxing room is full of ideas to create shared moments, day and night, to cherish.

Setting the mood for nap time

Soothing, earthy colours set a calm atmosphere that’s perfect for winding-down and sleep time. Create a home for baby’s cot in a corner nook or alcove near your bed so they feel secure, whether they’re with you or settling on their own.

Textiles that come with a warm and fuzzy feeling

Soft cotton textiles and cute animal motifs are a recipe for smiles any time of the day or night and help to add cheer and warmth to baby’s bedroom. From bed linen to blankets, mix and match patterns and colours to keep the vibe snug for both of you.

Your baby’s storage needs, sorted

Baby essentials come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we’ve designed diff erent storage to help keep it all in check. Take care of the big stuff with coordinating pieces, then make things like shelves and baskets the supporting act to keep all the small things organised.

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Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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