A cool, sophisticated dining space for a modest budget​

By combining contrasting elements you get a room with sophisticated energy that looks luxe without the hefty price tag. Sprinkled with one or two accent colours to make the room look cohesive but not excessive, the bold black features are highlighted with shades of yellow, oak and gold to make the room pop.​

Show off your stuff​

This stylish cabinet is cool on its own, but it looks even better with your favourite stuff inside. Display anything from framed pictures to kitchenware like glasses and plates. And the magnetic back panel means you can attach extra stuff like photographs or artwork to showcase your unique self.​

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Comfortably cool chairs​

Always sit comfortably with a scooped chair and curved backrest. This one is easy to clean and durable, so it works just as well for dinner parties as working from home. We’ve chosen the black colour as it’s perfect for adding striking contrast and instant sophistication.​

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Separate the space​

Turn one room into two by using shelving as a wall divider. This modern cube shape with see-through aspect gives the illusion of more space, but can also be used to display books, decorations and plants for a more personal touch.​ Mix in different baskets in black to hide clutter and instantly uplift the look.​

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Extra seating always on hand​

Keep a handy bench up against the wall, then add it to the table when guests come over. With cut-out handles so you can move it around easily, this bench is perfect for small space living as it has extra storage space underneath to keep board games or extra tableware.​

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Showcase your music​

After dinner calls for chilled out vibes. Live your retro dreams by displaying your beloved vinyl collection on a shelf that fits them perfectly. Then play DJ from the comfort of your living room.​

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A rug to make it pop​

To make the dining space as inviting as possible, have a soft or textured rug underfoot. A good sized rug frames the space and gives a sense of harmony and cohesion. Choosing a rug that is textured or made of natural materials, like jute or wool enhances the feeling of homely comfort.​

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