A condominium for all activities

Clean and cosy are the main ambiences of this condominium with three bedroom. Each room not only looks beautiful but also functional to accommodate all family activities.

Your dream kitchen in a limited space

Modular cabinets are easy to customise so you can create an aesthetic and functional kitchen in a limited space. Wall storage such as hooks and rails are also used to make the most of kitchen space.

A comfortable oasis for your 'me time'

This master bedroom has a special reading nook that is positioned near the window so you can enjoy your favorite book while gazing at the city view. Natural light from the window also helps you read books more comfortably.

A functional, clean bedroom

This room has everything a teenager needs, with a ergonomic, comfortable study area when she has to learn at home. You'll find a variety of storage solutions – wardrobe, chest of drawers and wall shelf – to keep the bedroom organised.

Music studio in the bedroom

For your little musician, this room is designed not only for sleeping, but also for channeling his hobby. There is a special area to display his musical instruments and create a masterpiece.

Study wherever he likes

This study area is equipped with easy-to-move furniture - a table with castors and a chair that has the backrest handle - allowing your child to study wherever he likes.