7 outdoor tables you will love

As an oasis at home, you need the right furniture so your outdoor area feels more comfortable. Outdoor table becomes one of the important furniture to put your favorite book or coffee when you want to get relaxed. There are many choices of outdoor tables, from plastic to metal, but the wooden table is the perfect choice. Natural material like wood is very suitable for your outdoor ambience and still look beautiful even though it’s been used for years. If you want to buy a wooden table for outdoor area, you need to know about the advantages of each outdoor table.

Folding table

Balcony, terrace, or backyard are perfect to get relaxed. When the space is quite small, you need a flexible furniture like folding table to make the most of your outdoor. You can open the folding table if you need a place to put your beverages and store them again when you don't need them. By using this outdoor table you can still create a comfortable outdoor area even though the space is limited. 

Extendable table

If you have a spacious backyard and want to throw a feast or barbecue party, an extendable outdoor table will give you plenty of room to grow. That means you can easily make space for all of your favorite folks and foods. Extendable table is perfect for those of you who want to make a simple party or enjoy the picnic atmosphere at home every day.

Round table

When you need a bigger table for more guests, round table can be an option. 
Unlike the rectangular one, round table can provide more space and make the atmosphere more intimate because everyone sits close to each other. And the best part is you don’t need to worry about getting injured because there’s no table corner.

Wall-mounted table

When every inch of space is precious, efficient furniture like a wall mounted table is the perfect choice. Wall mounted table can be folded to save space when not in use. Make sure you have mounted the table firmly against the wall to avoid the risk of falling. To complete this table, you can use folding chair that can also be stored easily.

Outdoor bar table

Bring the coffee shop ambience to your home? Why not! Place a bar table in your backyard patio and enjoy the view with a cup of coffee. Not only to enjoy leisure time in outdoor, you can also use bar table as a dining table in dining room, especially if the space is quite small.

Children’s picnic table

Not only parents, children also need their own outdoor table. By having their own table, children can chat and play with their friends comfortably. You can put children’s cutlery and let your child hold their own picnic. If they’ve gotten too much sun, you can add a parasol to protect them.

Trolley table

When you have a spacious backyard, throw a barbecue party at home becomes a necessary thing to do. To make the preparations much easier, you need a trolley table as a place to put all barbecue equipment. You can also use the table surface as an area to prepare side dishes like mashed potatoes or delicious salad.
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